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Church of Riso + Parasite Press
Print Night Promotional Posters

Poster design for riso printing 


These are various posters that I designed as promotional materials for the risograph and letterpress workshops that I put on with Professor Brock Landrum in the Fall of 2o22.

Some of the posters are letterpress printed and some are riso printed.
The green, blue, and pink examples below are digital versions that were printed on the risograph.  

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 9.22.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 9.22.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 9.20.49 PM.png
poster on symbols of space and imagination

Symbols of Space and Imagination Poster

Poster presented at the 17th International Conference on
Design Principles + Practices in Lisbon, Portugal


click poster to magnify

This is a poster that I presented in March at the Design Principles and Practices conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The paper describes the development of
a visual language that I have been working on. The paper, Symbols of Space and Imagination is forthcoming in University of Malaga's experimental art journal, Artxt. (18).gif

Easy Sleeper New Old Folks Tour Poster Design

New Old Folks Tour Poster Design + animation


I created the artwork and designed tour posters and instagram promotional materials for Easy Sleeper, a
band out of L.A.

Using a logo that I developed for them at an earlier time and put together two sets of posters that the band could use to promote their southwestern tour in 2022. 

The band was looking for something that had imagery based in the landscape of the southwest. I used some mirror images and film soaks from the Big Bend and Tucson areas.

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Check out their music here:

new old folks tour mockup.jpg
SHAPESAsset 33_4x.png
SHAPESAsset 32_4x.png
Screen Shot 2023-05-06 at 1.48.08 PM.png

Aiden Barrick & Their Band 
in Cedar City Promotional Poster

Digital Poster 


I was asked to design a promotional poster for Aiden Barrick & Their Band when they came to Cedar City in October to celebrate National Coming Out Day.

Late Night Thoughts

Two-layer reduction print


This is a personal project done in the letterpress studio at Indiana University. It was done in two different color schemes. It was carved into linoleum in two different layers. The pressure for the print came from the Vandercook SP15. 

Plants > People Print

Three layer reduction print + letterpress


This is a personal project done in the letterpress studio at Indiana University. The leaves were carved into linoleum in three different, moderately transparent layers. The text was printed on the Vandercook SP15. 


Often Wrong Never in Doubt

Letterpress print


This is a personal project done for my grandpa in the letterpress studio at Indiana University. The text was printed on the Vandercook SP15. (8) copy.gif

IU Typography Poster Suite

Poster design for print and poster animation


This is a poster suite and animated poster for the Indiana University Design Area's Typography Class for Fall 2021.

The color swatches are colored pencil, and the typefaces are scanned prints from the IU Letterpress Studio. The typography class has a whole section
of the course that takes place in the letterpress studio, so I wanted this poster to show how much fun the studio can be and how lucky the the students are to have access to such a large collection of metal and wood type. 

Type poster copy_Page_3.jpg
Type poster copy_Page_1.jpg
Type poster copy_Page_2.jpg
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