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Washington County
Wisdom Workshop

Role: Creative Director + Designer

designed with Sophia Okotah at
ServeDesign IU Studios


The Washington County Wisdom Workshop is a workshop space meant to bring retirees in the community together in a making-oriented space.
The branding project was done through IU ServeDesign studios as a promotional campaign to help with ideation and gather funding for the Wisdom Workshop. The space itself is meant to geared towards the retired community in Washington County. The workshop will be a gathering and community space in which ideas will be shared, crafts learned, and knowledge passed on.

Emphasis is put on community and companionship
in order to combat loneliness in retirement.
The workshop space will be open to classes and individual work. Other focuses include passing
on intergenerational knowledge and trade skills. 

In this campaign, we worked on establishing brand guidelines and promotional material.

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pattern development

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