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Trail Log Project

letterpress + digital print bound booklets


I started this project a couple of years ago fully on the letterpress and I finished it recently as a fourth edition
with parts done on the letterpress and part digitally. 

I came up with some ideas for critical information: Length of the hike, a scale of difficulty, water source, trailhead location, etc. and got to work. The front cover
is a block print that I print on every front and back cover of the trail logs. For the final and fourth version, the inside is a digital print. I also included some information that I felt was important. 

The booklet with writing shown is a first edition. The booklets with the purple printed text and green interior
text are newer editions. 

trail log 4.jpg

Inside spread of the trail log. When I made the first edition fully on the letterpress, I found the grey printed background didn't hold ink very well, and some inks bled while others sat on the background and faded quickly. Because I want these to last a long time, I decided to print the insides digitally. 


Process: printing the inside cover on the SP 15

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