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Washington County
Granfalloon Festival

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Branding and Identity Design

The Indiana University Council of Arts and Humanities was looking for a complete rebranding and marketing campaign for the 2022 Granfalloon Festival of Literature, Art, and Music. The festival originally was a Kurt Vonnegut Festival, but the organizers were in the swing of changing things. 

This project was done as a group, and my group focused on the bubbly and fun side of the festival, using both Blenny Black and Futura typefaces to strike a balance between the academic side of things and the dark humor that Vonnegut used in his writing. 

My contribution to the project was mainly in creating print materials such as posters and save the dates. I also worked on creating a lockup for the festival that could be used with the main logo that we created, the G. 

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orange poster 2Asset 70_4x.png
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