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Easy Sleeper 

New Old Folks Tour Poster Design


I created the artwork and designed tour posters and instagram promotional materials for Easy Sleeper, a
band out of L.A.

Using a logo that I developed for them at an earlier time and put together two sets of posters that the band could use to promote their southwestern tour in 2022. 

The band was looking for something that had imagery based in the landscape of the southwest. I used some mirror images and film soaks from the Big Bend and Tucson areas.

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Check out their music here:

new old folks tour mockup.jpg
Easy SleeperAsset 9_4x.png
Easy SleeperAsset 8_4x.png
SHAPESAsset 33_4x.png
SHAPESAsset 32_4x.png
easy sleeper posters for tour.jpg
Easy SleeperAsset 32_4x.png
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