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letterpressed cards (bound and unbound)



AIGA Utah 100 Show Winner 2023

Shown at Fried Fruit Gallery in Wilmington, NC

This project began as an indulgence in my love of collecting notes but turned into a good tool for keeping closer track of my experimental film soaks. Printed on an SP15 Vandercook, these blank Darkroom Notes cards allow users to mark their notes down in one place: notes on chemicals, film type, the development process, and final results. 

I created one version (shown below) to test what kinds of information I needed to know about the soaks. The second version (shown left) is the final version. I added a space for archive information. 

The information about the development process is set up for C-41 color processing. The cards can be loose or bound together at one corner with a post.



Darkroom Notes locked up on the Universal 1. These cards were printed on the letterpress in three different colors on two types of paper. 


Darkroom notes from September. In the revised version I include a space for archiving information on the card. 


As shown at Fried Fruit Gallery in April, 2024

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