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The Bloomingtonian logo

Logo design + additional imagery


Final on White Asset 20_4x.png

The Bloomingtonian is an independently run news site featuring visual journalism which highlights events and covers issues within the Bloomington, Indiana community, and surrounding areas.

Journalist, photographer, and filmmaker Jeremy Hogan has served local communities as a journalist since 1988. 

The Bloomingtonian offers coverage of breaking news, features, video stories, information about events and the unique happenings that make Bloomington special with a smattering of election coverage, and national news via imagery, and coverage, that can't be found elsewhere. Hogan’s accomplishments: work entered in the Pulitzer Prize competition for spot news, Hoosier State Press Association Photo of the Year award. Internships at the Modesto Bee, Indianapolis News, Kansas City Star, Palm Beach Post and the Ann Arbor News.


PIRATEAsset 18_4x.png
swords on whiteAsset 6_4x.png
swords on whiteAsset 8_4x.png

ideation and imagery


For this logo, I wanted to work in letterpress in order to stay true to the history of news and journalism. I used old gothic wood type (condensed and regular) and scanned the printed materials in, keeping the scratches and nicks that transferred from the wood blocks. 

The sword and skull imagery were sketched and scanned.

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